Finding Your Childhood Happiness…Again

Recall And Remember The Joy

Remember how happy and joyous it was to play when you were a child?  Finding your childhood happiness. Can you remember the feeling of this boundless energy and excitement? 


This excitement is still present within each of us, but is often hidden underneath the weight of our emotional baggage.  Anger, grief, anxiety, guilt, and jealousy are just a few of the emotions that mask this natural happiness. These emotions accumulate throughout life and hide our natural joy.


This happiness is sometimes referred to as our “inner child” or “soul child”, which is alive and well inside each of us.  No matter how long you have been holding onto the emotions that are masking your inner child, it is still available to be rediscovered once they have been properly healed and cleared out.    Underneath, that same joy that you felt as a child is waiting for you, undisturbed and unchanged.

How To Heal Your Inner Child

It can be helpful to think of our emotions as young and innocent children. When young children experience emotions such as fear, anxiety, or sadness, we don’t judge them for having these emotions. We comfort them by extending love and compassion.

Seeing our emotions, in the same manner, can help us avoid the trap of judging our emotions as “good” or “bad”. Judgment is a form of resistance, which stagnates the emotion and keeps it in place. Judging an emotion as wrong is essentially fighting it, which only gives it more power over you and prevents it from healing. 

Instead of judging your emotions, try allowing them to surface and giving them the same compassion that you would show to a young and helpless child.  The idea is to sit with the emotion and truly have compassion on those parts of yourself that are hurting. By extending compassion to this imagined young child, you are actually giving compassion to yourself.

Find Childhood Happiness

Emotional Healing Help

Find your inner bliss

Recognizing that every emotion has a right to exist can help us to see our emotions through the lens of compassion.  These parts our ourselves want to be heard and expressed. If you honor your emotions by accepting them, you begin the healing process.


All of us have parts of ourselves that we find unlovable and are especially in need of our love and empathy. These parts are hurting and they deserve to have their say without judgment or scrutiny.


Start welcoming your emotional pain the way you would a hurt or injured friend, pet, or child – with love and open arms. Seeing your emotional pain through the eyes of compassion will help to put you in the proper place to allow healing and ultimately let go.

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