Find The Path to Happiness

Dramatically Transform Your Life!

Everything in your life that upsets and annoys you can be used to dramatically transform your life and increase your path of  happiness.  In fact, those things in life that bother you the most can be turned into a catalyst for major self-growth

Anytime we are feeling negative towards anyone, it highlights the areas within us that are holding us back from experiencing the natural joy that lives inside each of us. We are then provided with a golden opportunity to heal this negativity within us, allowing us to feel lighter and happier. 

The emotions that we carry within us actually mask the natural joy that lives inside each of us.  Each time we become angry, annoyed, jealous or agitated by someone, it highlights something inside of us that is hiding our inner light.  This affords us the opportunity to heal this emotion and lighten our burden. 

When something upsets us, it is often an external trigger for something that needs to be healed on the inside.  If someone does something that creates rage within us, this is a tremendous opportunity to heal this anger that resides within us.

Ultimately, all judgment is self-judgment.  Whenever we judge someone about a particular issue, that same issue resides within us.  Otherwise, we would not have experienced such an emotionally charged response to another person’s bad behavior. Suppose I feel perturbed about someone for being lazy. If I did not judge myself for the very same issue, it is unlikely that I would harbor such negative feelings toward this person’s “lazy” behavior. 

Bring Emotions To The Surface

The healing process begins by simply allowing this emotion to surface and to be felt and experienced. Move your complete attention to this emotion and give it the time that it deserves. Let yourself express anything that feels natural without judgment, from laughing and crying to outright screaming!   


After allowing yourself to experience these emotions, start writing letters to God or a higher power each night before bedtime.  In the letter, express your clear and heartfelt desire to have the emotion healed while you sleep.  You’ll find that each morning the emotion will feel lighter and softer as though the volume is being turned down.


The next time you find yourself in the same situation, the emotional response that you experience will often be much quieter.  Eventually, you will not feel any kind of emotional response at all, and it will be up to you to decide how you want to respond.

Find the path to happiness

Facilitate Emotional Healing

Joey Raab

This will allow you to begin using anything that happens in your life as a way to heal every last bit of anger, sadness, grief, jealousy, and anything else that is standing in the way of true happiness.  As you continue to bring awareness to each emotional response that you have in your life, you will have the tremendous opportunity to greatly lighten your emotional burden. This can facilitate tremendous emotional healing and much happier life.

This will allow you to start feeling happy for no apparent reason.  This lightness and happiness is the joy of being, and it is the natural happiness that lives within each of us. Your energy and energy field will greatly lighten, and you will experience profound changes in the way you feel.   

This natural happiness often gets clouded at an early age as we begin piling on layer upon layer of our emotional baggage. The trick is to begin to notice whenever something triggers our emotions and immediately begin to use the process described here.

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