Your Intuition – The End of Indecision

Learn How To Listen to your Intuition, Make It Your Most Valuable Asset

Have you ever had music or the television playing in the background while you’re reading or working on a project? Initially, you might only be peripherally aware of the noise without consciously processing it. But at some point, you become fully aware of it and recognize that it has been constantly running in the background. The end of indecision.

That is precisely how we start to become aware of our intuition. It’s a kind of background noise that’s always been present. However, most of us have either tuned it out or we are simply not aware that it has been constantly within reach. The good news is that once we start looking for it, it becomes much easier to find.

Our intuition has always been running in the backdrop as a kind of inner knowingness. Perhaps you were invited to go to the ballgame or a play but something felt “forced” or “tiring” about it. Many of us
discount or ignore these feelings. However, the more you start becoming aware of them, the louder they become.

Characteristics Of Decision

If something is a good choice, it might have some of the following characteristics:


  • Feels exhilarating
  • Feels inviting
  • Feels open
  • Feels exciting
  • When thinking about this choice, you might perceive it as “lighter” and “brighter” than the other option
Your Intuition Is Powerful
Intuition cloud

On the other hand, if something is not such a great choice, it might have some of these characteristics:


  •  Feels forced
  •  Feels blocked
  • Feels like a lot of work
  • Feels tiring to think about doing this
  • When thinking about this choice, you might perceive it as “darker” than the alternative option
  •  Your body tenses up when you think about this choice
  • You feel and sense a lot of resistance when thinking about this choice


Intuition vs Comparison

You can literally look at each option, comparing how they look with respect to each other. Note how each one looks and feels in comparison to the other.


Some people are able to notice these differences immediately, while others might need more time to notice these characteristics. But these differences have always been there, just waiting for you to consciously take notice.


While society values rational thought, our intuition is far wiser. It has access to information that is not available to our rational minds. I’ve had many decisions over the years where my intuition was at odds with rational choice. In the end, the intuitive suggestion always winds up being the best choice for everybody involved.


Intuition is different than emotion. You might be angry, nervous, or sad about a particular situation, and these are obviously your emotions. But intuition has a distinctive feeling that is uniquely it’s own. This special feeling will become more familiar to you the more you practice tuning into it.


In fact, the more you work with your intuition, the clearer it becomes. This will allow you to take advantage of this tremendous tool for discerning the best choices for you and your loved ones, greatly enhancing your life.