The Technique to Feeling Happy Again

Completely Change The Way You Experience Life

There is a technique to clear out all of your fear, anger, sadness, and guilt, uncovering all of the happiness that is hiding underneath. It’s a technique to feeling happy that I created called Pure Emotional Magic, and it can completely change the way you feel and experience life.

The first step is to simply allow your emotions to surface and begin confronting them. Because it’s virtually impossible to heal emotions that have been hidden away, this step entails allowing your emotions to surface in order to work with them. Even emotions that haven’t been buried so deeply must also completely surface in order to be properly addressed.

Next, allow the emotions to wash over you. This involves moving your awareness into those areas that are hurting and allowing yourself to directly feel and experience these emotions.  To do this, you need to get quiet and still in order to properly focus your attention.   

Emotions Cant Hurt You

Although emotions can be quite unpleasant, it’s important to keep in mind that they cannot hurt you. Whether it’s anger, fear, sadness, or grief, you can experience these emotions without being harmed. There is therefore no reason to fear confronting your emotions.  It is the very act of confronting, acknowledging, and experiencing the emotion that actually begins the healing process. 


Once you’ve allowed the emotions to arise, the next step is to allow yourself to process them. You might feel like yelling, screaming, or crying…these are all valid.  Don’t judge yourself for how you experience and express emotions.  The mere act of being present with the emotion and allowing it to have its say is extremely important in the healing process. There is no wrong way to experience emotions – you can do whatever comes naturally.

Technique to Feeling Happy
Technique to Feeling Happy

Are You Willing To Let Go?

Next, it’s time to ask yourself “would I be willing to let go of this emotion?” and observing how this question makes you feel. If you are ready, the idea of letting go will feel:

  • Welcoming
  • Inviting
  • Exciting
  • Exhilarating
  • Energizing
  • Appealing

Ask Yourself

On the other hand, if you are not ready to let go, asking yourself this question might make you feel:

  • Resistance
  • Hesitation
  • Fear
  • The idea of letting go feels forced or unnatural
  • It feels rushed and incomplete
  • It doesn’t feel like your heart is ready to let go
  • You have strong feelings against letting go

Observe And Process Your Emotions

Asking yourself if you feel ready to let go and then noticing how you feel is a great way to gauge your readiness to let go. If you aren’t quite ready, you can always spend more time observing and processing the emotion.  But regardless, the next step can truly be truly miraculous.


The final step entails writing letters to God or a higher power each night before bedtime.  In the letter, ask from the heart to have the emotion that you are dealing with healing while you sleep. If you ask from the heart with a true desire to let go, you will start to notice some tremendous changes.  Each morning, you’ll find that the emotion returns a little quieter and softer than it felt previously, as though the volume is somehow being turned down.


If you continue to do this, the emotion will get lighter and lighter until it vanishes.  In its wake, you will be left with a light and peaceful feeling. 


Although you might continue to have to deal with a bad situation, you will no longer carry around these dark and heavy emotional clouds. You will feel light and peaceful despite the external circumstances.


I successfully utilized this technique when my father went through a lengthy and life ending illness. It didn’t bring my father back and I continue to miss him tremendously.  However, it did clear out the dark and heavy grief, and I am able to feel happy and joyous again in spite of what happened.


Although this is just an overview of the process, there are certainly more details that can help to streamline the technique and make it much more effective. You can learn more on my website,, and in my book, Pure Emotional Magic, available on Amazon.