The Art of Forgiveness

Start The Healing Process

“Art of Forgiveness” We often hear about victims waiting for “justice” or some other form of “closure” before moving on.  When someone wrongs us or hurts us, it can be quite tempting to hold onto the hurtful feelings until the person responsible is brought to justice.


But the simple truth is that nothing has to change in order for you to make the decision to begin healing your emotional pain. The only thing that is necessary is to make the decision to begin the healing. Only you can decide “if” and “when” you are ready to begin moving forward and initiate the healing process.


When my home was burglarized several years ago, I felt a sea of emotions in the aftermath.  My home did not feel like my home, as it had an uncomfortable and unsavory feeling.  It was as though my home no longer had the same familiarity and peacefulness that had pervaded it for so many years.  I also felt anger toward the perpetrators for invading my space, stealing my belongings, and sabotaging my peace of mind. 

I allowed myself to swim in these emotions for several days. The more uncomfortable the emotion, the more I moved into it and allowed myself to experience it. I didn’t judge the emotions as good or bad but merely allowed myself to give these emotions the time and space that they deserved. This is a necessary part of the technique involved in processing emotions and ultimately attaining the willingness to let go.

At times I would just sit there with all of the emotions bubbling around me, yelling, screaming, or speaking to the perpetrators in my mind and expressing how I felt.  After several days of immersing myself in these emotions, I obtained a strong desire to finally let go.

Make The Decision To Drop The Hurtful Feelings : "The Art of Forgiveness"

It’s important to note that the decision to begin the healing process by no means condones the actions of the burglars that broke into my home.  Forgiveness is not saying that it’s okay that someone wronged you or committed a crime against you. 

What they did was wrong, and they deserve whatever consequences result from their actions. However, letting go of the emotional baggage surrounding the crime – anger, hurt, and sadness – is something you do for yourself. I wasn’t letting go for the sake of the perpetrators but for my own sake, and the peace of mind that would result. 

Art of Forgiveness

Use the Pure Emotional Magic Technique

Using the Pure Emotional Magic technique that I created (available on Amazon), I wrote a heartfelt letter to God asking to have the emotions cleared out.  Since I was truly ready to let go, I experienced extremely rapid results as I immediately began to feel all of the heaviness, anger, and discomfort lifting off of me. As I continued to write the letter the emotions continued to dissipate. My chest felt so much lighter as I let go of the heavy burden that I had been carrying for the past several days. It felt as though I was walking out of a dark dungeon and into the sunlight. 

If you have been victimized, you don’t have to wait until the person is jailed or punished before you can let go.  These are arbitrary conditions that people often decide must be present before they are willing to let go. The truth is that we have the choice to let go as soon as we are ready to begin the healing the process. It is aways up to you to decide the moment of your release and the conditions that are necessary to begin the healing.

In addition to restoring my peace, I experienced an additional benefit that was unexpected. After successfully healing the emotional baggage surrounding the burglary, I began to have compassion for the burglar. Once I was no longer seeing the crime through a prism of anger and fear, it was much easier to see just how desperate they must have been to risk prison time for a few stolen goods. Life looks quite different when it is not being seen through the veil of our emotional baggage. Although I wasn’t trying to have compassion for the burglar, in the absence of my emotional baggage, I was able to see them through my heart.         

I’m happy to report that my home once again felt comfortable as the intense anger and discomfort faded away. As the uneasiness subsided, I was left with a peaceful, joyous, and light feeling in its wake.