Numbness Has Become an Epidemic

Self-Healing Numbness

I have come across countless people over the years who have told me they feel numb inside. One person even remarked that the only time they feel alive is while skydiving. “Inner numbness” has become an epidemic, with many people merely going through the motions of life without actually feeling and connecting. What is the source of this “numbness has become anepidemic”, and can anything be done to feel more alive and connected?

One of the sources of this numbness is the avoidance of feeling pain. When I’ve spoken with people who describe feeling numb, they will often tell me that they avoid painful emotions by compressing them down inside. It’s as though they crumple these painful emotions into a ball and stuff them down into the inner recesses of their soul, never to be felt again. The result is a feeling of numbness and distance toward other people and from life itself.

Turn Your Attention To Understanding How You Feel

The first step to reversing this process is to begin moving back into your body. Spend some time trying to get back in touch with different areas of your body and sensing how they feel.

Turn your attention into your stomach area and see if you sense any kind of emotion. Does your stomach feel tense? Do you sense any kind of fear or anxiety? How does your stomach feel when you think about uncomfortable or hurtful events in your life? Try to stay with these feelings for several minutes without diverting your attention.

Next, you can move into your heart area and tune into the feelings that you might sense there. Does it feel heavy or light? Is there any sadness or pain? How does your heart area feel when you remember a loved one that has passed away?

There is no right or wrong way to do this, as you are simply trying to bring your awareness back into your body. You can choose any area of your body and tune into how it feels, especially when you think about different things that have caused you pain.
You can systematically work your way through your entire body. Each time you move into a different area of your body, note what you are feeling. Are you feeling tension, tightness, or pain? Does it feel warm or cold? Try to describe exactly how each area is feeling without trying to judge it as “right” or “wrong”.

Become an Epidemic

Pure Emotional Magic Can Guide You Through The Process

You can also take a general inventory of your body, asking yourself how you are feeling in general at this moment. Do you feel tired, awake, happy, sad, or anxious? Is there any fear anywhere in your body?

This might sound silly, but the more you practice this, the more you will begin to awaken those feelings that have long been dormant within your body. It will subtly retrain you to begin feeling again, awakening you from the numbness and bringing your focus back to your feelings. This exercise can help to initiate the process of tuning back into your body and starting to feel again.
Once you begin feeling again, you can start to work with your emotions and process them in a variety of healthy ways. The technique taught here and, in my book, Pure Emotional Magic, is an excellent method of successfully healing emotions and getting back to the underlying peace.

If you have read this far, you have already taken the first step.