The Healthy Way to Work Dealing with Guilt

Guilt Is A Dangerous Emotion Because It Can Literally Consume Your Life

One of the most debilitating emotions dealing with guilt.  It can literally consume your life and trap you inside a seemingly inescapable prison. Perhaps you think you should have treated your parents better or been kinder and more responsive to a friend in need. Or maybe you think you should have prevented your divorce, or you’re responsible for causing someone pain.

But the simple truth is this:  All guilt is self-guilt.  As such, all guilt begins and ends with you. You are the only person that can “make yourself” feel guilty, and the only person that can set you free. Only you can decide the reasons for continuing to hold onto the guilt, and only you can decide “if” and “when” you want to put the guilt down.

Guilt can be quite helpful when used as an agent for change. It affords you the opportunity to evaluate your life and decide how you would like to be different in the future.  After that, the guilt serves no useful purpose other than the one that you assign to i

The Only Way To Deal With Guilt Is From The Inside

Like any other emotion, guilt has to be healed on the inside. Start by allowing the guilt to surface and wash over you.  You can’t heal an emotion when you’re not willing to experience it, so it’s important to allow yourself to directly confront and experience the guilt. Remember that it’s just an emotion, and therefore cannot hurt you. It might not be pleasant, but confronting it cannot harm you.


Next, talk about the guilt and express it. You might feel sad, angry, or anxious.  Whatever you are feeling is valid, and it’s important to give expression to these emotions. Talking about the guilt will allow you to process it and ultimately obtain the readiness to let it go.


Next, ask yourself if you would be willing to let go of the guilt. This affords you a tremendous opportunity to see if you feel any resistance to letting go. Notice how you feel as you continue to ask yourself if you would be willing to let go of the guilt. 

dealing with guilt

Holding On To Guilt Serves No Useful Pourpose.

It’s important to keep in mind that holding onto guilt reaps its own reward – namely, you get to continue to experience the guilt. It serves no useful purpose other than the one that you give it. The decision to let go of the guilt will help to begin the healing process and begin releasing you from this tremendous burden.  


When you feel ready, start writing a letter to God or a higher power each night before bedtime.  In this letter, express your heartfelt and sincere desire to have the guilt cleared out and healed while you sleep.


When you wake up the next morning you might be surprised to notice that the guilt will be lighter and softer than it was the previous day. It’s as though the volume is being turned down, and the guilt is no longer so overwhelming. Continue to write these nightly letters until the guilt has faded and your natural happiness returns.


We are never at the mercy of our emotions. They can be cleared out and healed at a time of our own choosing. And it all starts with the recognition and decision to begin the healing process

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