Anger And Recognizing Emotional Baggage

Anger and Emotional Baggage

What does honking your horn and having a political opinion have in common? Emotional Baggage.

Both have become dangerous activities. In fact, honking your horn at someone has actually become a physical danger, as many people throughout the country are being shot for simply honking their horn at someone!

On social media, expressing your opinion has also become a perilous activity. Political discussions have become toxic, giving rise to tremendous amounts of anger, hatred, and vitriol. 

What is the source of this ever-expanding hatred and animosity?  Are people really that angry about someone having a different political opinion or simply honking a horn? 

It turns out, the answer has little to do with horns and opinions and everything to do with our emotional baggage, which I like to refer to as our emotional “stuff.”

The First Step Back To Feeling Joy Again

The person shooting someone for honking a horn or becoming outraged over a different opinion is harboring a tremendous amount of unhealed anger. This anger can often lie dormant until something comes along and triggers it, propelling it to the surface. The anger is not perceived as originating from within, but a directly product of the of the person that has provoked it.  Instead of seeing the anger at its source, within, it is seen as originating completely from the outside. 


This individual completely believes that the source of the anger is someone having a different opinion or daring to honk a horn at them.  This results in an exaggerated response, as all of this rage is directed outward towards the person or event that has triggered all of this unhealed emotion.  The consequences can be devasting, sometimes even resulting in death.

Emotional Baggage

Healing the source of the anger itself, rather than trying to stop other opinions and unwanted horns, would actually get to the root of the problem.  Therefore, the remedy is to begin working on these unhealed emotions at their source, which is within.


All of us have had many life situations that have generated quite a bit of anger.  Whatever the cause of the anger, the trick is to identify this anger and heal it within, rather than waiting for it to be triggered and projected onto someone else. 


The first step is to get in touch with your anger by allowing yourself to experience it for the purpose of healing it. This might involve speaking with someone that wronged you, talking about the anger with a friend or licensed therapist, or screaming, yelling, and punching a pillow.

Pure Emotional Magic Will Help With Your Willingness To Let Go

Next, when you’re ready to let go, start writing letters before bedtime to God (or a higher power) asking to have the anger healed while you sleep. These letters must be written with sincerity and a true desire and willingness to let go.  If you do this regularly, you will begin to notice the anger becoming lighter and less intense, as though the volume is being turned down.  The next time people or events trigger the anger (i.e., someone having a different opinion), you will not become quite so angry. 


By healing anger at its source, you can free yourself from being at the mercy of unhealed rage constantly getting triggered by external sources.  If everyone worked on healing their emotional “stuff”, the world would become a much happier and safer place for free expression.   

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